In The Morning EP

by Emma Bowers

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a last love letter to a life left behind.

all songs written and recorded in the spring of 2018.

thank you to everyone who helped make this real.


released August 17, 2018

emma bowers - vocals, lyrics, guitar
george barber - guitar, bass
andrew johnson - guitar, drums, keys, production


all rights reserved



Emma Bowers New York

is a folk-rock musician based in brooklyn.

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Track Name: Tired Thing
you're tired, aren't you
wind blowing heavy down first avenue
grasping at these golden threads
afraid they'll slip right through your fingers again

hell, I hate it as much as you
and I don't think I'll see it through
it's some distant, cosmic thing
that bleeds the blood we do

so, fine
comb your fingers through the fine, fine wire
by morning I know you'll tire
of holding my hands up to the wall

these rivers lay wide
swallow me whole
I shy away from any hands that aren't his
though I don't know him now at all

coming up short of the sum and the call
funny, isn't it, the thrill of it all
Track Name: In The Morning
I was high above the rain last night
in a deep, midnight dream
you were absent as I came down
tearing through a dissonant seam

I woke with tears in my eyes
you were as far away as you've been
I reached for the phone like a fly to the light
and it rang, bells in the wind

I don't know how to feel about that
and I've forgotten how to breathe
I don't know if I should say something
or let it be

the full moon, she is rising
as my sanity sinks heavy as a stone
you pull in the tides with your silence
fold my words to lines unknown

I don't know what is left of me
that wasn't made by the hand of my misery
and I hope you don't think less of me
for calling in the morning
Track Name: Jonathan
I think I love you more these days
but it seems so cruel and unusual
maybe its all just some sick twist of fate
that keeps me hanging on

now all at once the seasons change
and the patterns of my days, they rearrange
and I haven't heard from you in a calendar year

oh, Jonathan
why do I keep dreaming of you?
oh, Jonathan
why do I do the things I do?

I shook out every rug I own
and pulled your shadow from the picture frames
and the house we once called our home
did you hear I moved away

you know that I wish you would take time to call
and say you're doing fine
and that the body that you wish you were keeping warm
was still mine

oh, Jonathan
why do I keep dreaming of you?
oh, Jonathan
why do I do the things I do?
oh, Jonathan
why did you go so far away?
oh, Jonathan
do you ever wish you'd stayed?

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